Ioncinephile: Matt Boyd’s Top Ten Films of All Time List

Have you ever wondered what are the films that inspire the next generation of visionary filmmakers? As part of our monthly Ioncinephile profile (read here), we ask the filmmaker the incredibly arduous task of identifying their top ten list of favorite films. Matt Boyd (A Rubberband Is an Unlikely Instrument), provided us with his all time top ten film list (dated: February 2013).

Beau TravailClaire Denis (1999)

“I’m terrible with remembering story lines, plot points, even song lyrics…usually its scenes, images, tones, sounds, melody and mood that stick with me. Films that play more like dreams. This film is a masterpiece of that kind of filmmaking, and so a masterpiece in my mind. And, the final credit sequence! Rhythm of the Night and Denis Lavant! It has to be the best dance scene in film history. It’s in such contrast to the rest of the film and yet somehow the perfect ending.
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