DVD of the Week: 'Flight' Plus a Great Documentary on Movies and 40 Years of 'Cabaret'

  • Fandango
Flight Director Robert Zemeckis hasn't made a live-action film since 2000's Cast Away. His return to live-action is a psycho-thriller centering on planes again, and features another thrilling and well-done almost-air disaster scene and excellent, Oscar-nominated performance by Denzel Washington. Here he plays a drug- and alcohol-addicted pilot who pulls off an amazing landing and saves everyone on board from certain death, but this feat is tarnished by an investigation into whether or not he was high at the time. Extras: "Origins of Flight," "The Making of Flight," "Anatomy of a Plane Crash," Q&A (Bd only). Watch this exclusive clip: Alex Cross It was doomed from the moment Tyler "Madea" Perry was announced as playing the...

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