Felicity Jones Joins 'True Story,' That James Franco Project You Forgot About With Jonah Hill

Almost exactly one full year ago, yet another James Franco project came on the horizon called "True Story," and with Jonah Hill to co-star and Brad Pitt producing it all seemed cool beans, until we forgot about it in the deluge of other Franco-related endeavors. But it seems it's still alive, and has landed an actress who continues to bag great roles on her continued rise. Felicity Jones ("Like Crazy," "The Amazing Spider-Man 2") has boarded the picture for what promises to be a pretty crackling story. Based on the memoir by journalist Michael Finkel, the absolutely bizarre (and true) tale will find Hill playing the author of the book, who formerly worked for the New York Times, and found his life take a stranger turn when Christian Longo (Franco) -- a wanted man on the FBI Top Ten list for mudering his family -- was arrested in Mexico. The twist?
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