Movie Review: Hansel & Gretel (2013)

Reviewed by Michael Juvinall,

Starring: Dee Wallace, Brent Lydic, Stephanie Greco, Clark Perry, and Adrian Bustamante

Written by: Jose Prendes

Directed by: Anthony C. Ferrante

Running time: 90 minutes

Rated: R (for language, violence)

The Asylum is at it again with their latest “Mockbuster”, Hansel & Gretel. Made for a fraction of the budget of that other Hollywood flick, this film follows a different path then the blockbuster version. Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Boo, Headless Horseman), his version follows more closely to the original Brothers Grimm dark fairy tale, only updated for today’s audience, while the other is a much looser adaptation of the story.

We have the two titular protagonists, Hansel Grimm (Brent Lydic) and Gretel Grimm (Stephanie Greco-The Haunting of Whaley House) as two young adults struggling with their small town lives. Hansel seems to be a slacker who plays video games all day with his
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