Ram's 'God Made a Farmer' Super Bowl ad: Did it rip off a YouTube video?

One of the Super Bowl's most compelling ads aired in the fourth quarter: A two-minute spot for Ram Trucks showed stark, beautifully shot images of farms and farmers over radio broadcaster Paul Harvey's speech "God Made a Farmer."

Here's the thing, though: While beautifully produced, it's not exactly a new idea.

As Slate points out, Farms.com posted a YouTube video in 2011, also featuring Harvey's speech and images of farmers. (The audio, incidentally, is from a 1978 speech Harvey made to the Future Farmers of America.)

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The production isn't as slick, but it's hard not to notice the similarities. Take a look at both videos and let us know what you think. First, the Farms.com ad:

And the Ram ad from Sunday's game:
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