WWE: Why Re-Signing Brock Lesnar Is A Smart Move

Brock Lesnar has been one of the most discussed personalities not only in wrestling, but in-general this week. Beginning on Monday night with his unexpected return, Lesnar shocked audiences by storming to the ring, staring boss Mr. McMahon into his soul before hoisting him onto his shoulders and delivering a thunderous F-5, Paul Heyman groaning in dismay at Lesnar’s actions expecting the full brunt of the consequences.

Raw went off the air with many questions unanswered; why is “The Next Big Thing” back? Did Paul Heyman purposely bring him back knowing Vince McMahon would be on his tail? And who is the next victim in Lesnar’s onslaught on the WWE?

The following morning Brock Lesnar was once again the topic of discussion, not solely for his television return but for the report that he had signed a two-year contract extension, one which rolls on until Wrestlemania 31, cementing Lesnar

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