Exclusive Clip: Watch Salma Hayek's Surprising Discovery In Scene From 'As Luck Would Have It'

Those with their ear to the ground likely already know the name of director Álex de la Iglesia. He's the helmer behind the somewhat insane "The Last Circus," which made some big waves on the festival circuit in 2010, and his follow-up is no less unique. "As Luck Would Have It" features Salma Hayek in a co-starring role in a tale that uses an extraordinary situation to explore the current state of the news and entertainment media. Spanish comic actor José Mota co-stars as Roberto, a family man struggling to make ends meet for his family. However, a freak accident ironically gives him the chance of a lifetime, with the incident sparking a major media firestorm that's so big he lands an agent to help navigate his way through the hype and attention. But at what cost will this fame bring? In this exclusive clip from the movie, we find out
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