Charlie Sheen: the road to rehab

Five years ago, Charlie Sheen was famously the highest paid actor on TV. Then came tiger blood, Adonis DNA and his porn star 'goddesses'. Has Anger Management calmed him down?

It's 10 minutes before show time backstage at NBC Studios in New York, and Charlie Sheen is revving up to go on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show. He hops about in his dressing room, fixing his hair, chewing on a crudité and smoking, until a woman with a clipboard apologetically informs him the fire alarms are about to go off. Sheen politely puts it out. "I can see the approach," he says, "the shift, the evolution, from pupa to chrysalis. The perception people have of me is always shattered when I meet them."

It's a reputation that doesn't so much precede as eclipse him. The 47-year-old, who is appearing on the show tonight to publicise his sitcom Anger Management, is not
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