Most Memorable Celebrity Cameos On '30 Rock'

Most Memorable Celebrity Cameos On '30 Rock'
It's the end of an era.

Just like "Seinfeld" in its day and "The Sopranos" years later, some shows deserve to be taken apart postmortem, analyzed and re-experienced for the sheer enjoyment of it. These shows are so brilliant that their focus isn't ratings or stats -- it's that they're in our cultural bloodstream. Such was "30 Rock," which last night aired its last episode after seven seasons (point most eloquently made by Tracy Jordan: "Thank you America, that's our show! Not a lot of people watched it but the joke's on you, because we got paid anyway!”)

Granted, what made "30 Rock" was the superb combination of recurring talent: Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy, Tracy Morgan's Tracy Jordan, Jane Krakowski's Jenna Maroney, and Jack McBrayer's Kenneth Parcell. But some of the best episodes owe it to the celebrity stars who waltzed through those NBC doors.
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