Robin Hood Blu-ray Review

When Ridley Scott made Kingdom of Heaven, he ended it with King Richard the Lionhearted asking directions to Jerusalem, and on the commentary track for the director’s cut Scott suggested he had an idea for the sequel. It would be a Robin Hood story, but with his main character from KoH. That film wasn’t a hit, so when Ridley did get to the legend of Robin of Locksley, he had Russell Crowe as his lead. Russell Crowe is no spring chicken, and the decision to cast the 40+ actor as the sprightly archer seems off, but if you’re going to make a $200 Million dollar movie, that’s the sort of compromise that going to happen. Scott and Crowe are basically cashing in their Gladiator chips, by – after having a huge success – making the expensive “sorta same, sorta sequel” film. My review of the Director’s Cut Blu-ray of
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