DVD Review: House of a Thousand Dolls

House Of A Thousand Dolls

Stars: Vincent Price, Sancho Gracia, Herbert Fux, George Nader, Martha Hyer | Written by María del Carmen Martínez Román, Harry Alan Towers | Directed by Jeremy Summers

With a title like House of a Thousand Dolls, Vincent Price starring and an opening scene featuring a horse drawn hearse you would be forgiven for thinking that the film is horror based. You soon find out that this is not the case but it may at least be paying a cheeky homage to its iconic star. The fact is though that House of a Thousand Dolls is a very different beast.

While vacationing in the Tangiers a couple meet an old friend searching for his missing girlfriend who is believed to have been kidnapped by a group of slave traders. When the friend is killed the couple are dragged into investigating both the death and kidnapping which appears to
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