The Makers of "Stake Land" on Raising the Stakes of the Vampire Film

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The Makers of
It's been a wild week for the cast and crew of "Stake Land," who wasted no time after enjoying the triumph of winning the Midnight Madness Audience Award at this year's Toronto Film Festival to hopping on a plane to Fantastic Fest where they were greeted with similar applause during their premiere in Austin Saturday night. Such a quick turnaround might be considered an anomaly for the vampire film of late, an unusual take on the genre that's meant to be savored rather than devoured, a road movie set against the harsh backdrop of the bitter American northwest after a virus has turned much of the world into bloodsuckers.

Inspired by westerns like "The Searchers," director Jim Mickle and writer/star Nick Damici wanted to do some vast after last working together on the claustrophobic zombie flick "Mulberry Street" in 2006 and in fact, it would be easy to say they've
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