Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel To Film This May

Honestly, I had no idea that a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel was in the works. Did anyone else know about this? When was this even announced?

I may be out of the loop but it appears that at least one person knew about this, and that person is Harvey Weinstein, one half of The Weinstein Company, who are gearing up to film a sequel to Ang Lee’s film this May. Apparently, the studio has fought with Sony for the past little while over the rights to the books that Lee’s film was based on. Turns out Harvey won that battle (no surprise) and now he’s going ahead and putting out a sequel.

With a script from John Fusco, who wrote The Forbidden Kingdom, and based on the novel Silver Vase, Iron Knight, the story is set to focus on Yu Shu Lien, which was Michelle Yeoh
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