‘Supernatural’ Season 8, Episode 11 Review – Knives Destroy Books?

It’s an off-week for Supernatural, to say the (very) least. In this episode, titled “Larp and the Real Girl,” Sam and Dean play pretend and face-off against a spell book purchased off of eBay. Fortunately, knives destory books.

After two live action role-players mysteriously end up dead, Sam and Dean attempt to track down the source of the strange mark connecting the victims, leading them to a game of LARPing in Michigan, where Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) is “Queen.” With the help (and weight) of LARPing royalty, Sam, Dean and Charlie split up and venture deep into the forest of the Shadow Orcs to find the person behind the horrific deaths. But when the Queen is suddenly taken captive by a strange creature, the mystery behind the deaths ...

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