'American Horror Story: Asylum' finale: Ryan Murphy answers five 'Madness Ends' questions

Ryan Murphy has finally closed the book on "American Horror Story: Asylum," which means it's time to start getting really excited for Season 3. "Madness Ends" gave a straight-forward and almost sweet conclusion to the most chaotic season of "American Horror Story" yet, and every character seemed to have a clear-cut ending.

Still, fans might have some lingering questions about Season 2. What was the deal with those aliens? Was Lana always going to live to the end? What was Murphy's main goal throughout the season? During our recent chat with Murphy, he shed some light on the "Asylum" finale, and resolved the final few plot points that some might have found open-ended.

The entire point of "Asylum" was to get to the "Madness Ends" storyline

"The thing that we were most interested in in this season writing about was the stuff actually in the last episode," Murphy teased. "It was Lana,
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