James Franco Takes On Adaptation Of James Ellroy’s American Tabloid

I have a love/hate relationship with James Franco. Mostly I love him, but then again I really hate him. No one can accuse him of not trying, although sometimes he tries things that are quite obviously above his head. Remember when he was going to adapt Blood Meridian, perhaps Cormac McCarthy’s least-adaptable novel? Yeah, that never happened, did it? Now Franco wants to try again, with a different difficult novel. He’s planning to direct and star in a film adaptation of James Ellroy’s American Tabloid.

The novel involves three men from differing professions who become involved with, among others, the mob, Howard Hughes, the FBI, CIA, J. Edgar Hoover and President Kennedy’s assassination. The first in Ellroy’s Underworld USA trilogy, the novel is a mish-mosh of weird conspiracy theory and proper history, set in a violent version of the mid-twentieth century. It would make
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