Broken City (review)

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that the script for Broken City -- by otherwise uncredited newbie Brian Tucker -- had been sitting around, unproduced, for 20 years, it’s that musty in too many incomprehensible ways. Not the noirish vibe it opens with: gritty urban crime drama never goes out of style. But the things it chooses to be gritty and cynical about are odd and outdated, as if the sorts of corruption on display here were unexpected or shocking, while it lets hints of potential scandals that would have been far more modern and could have been much more deliciously, chessily salacious -- or even genuinely unsettling and shocking -- slide past without even noticing them. New York City mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Russell Crowe: Les Misérables) is expecting easy reelection in a few days when he brings in disgraced cop turned cheap Pi Billy Taggart (Mark
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