Sundance Comedy Wrong Cops Teases, Terrifies With Rough Cut Preview

One of the many features keeping track of as the Sundance Film Festival gets underway is Wrong Cops, writer-director Quentin Dupieux.s story of crooked officers trying to dispose of a body. Any time a filmmaker puts out a movie about a homicidal tire (Rubber), they have earned our attentions for at least a couple more movies to see what else they have to say. If you can.t make it to Park City for Sundance you can enjoy this .Rough Preview. trailer for Wrong Cops, which just made it way online as the winter fest kicks off: Cross-dressers? Eyepatches? Blatant racism? Cops who pull guns on beautiful women and demand to see their breasts? The scatalogical humor works pretty well in a short package, but we.ll have to wait until Dupieux and his cast actually find a story to connect all of this misbehavior into a
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