Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait Edition Comes With Bloody Female Torso

Deep Silver revealed a new UK exclusive special edition of Dead Island Riptide today dubbed the Zombie Bait Edition. Where the North American Rigor Mortis Edition of the game contained a bunch of mundane items that fans voted for (zombie hula girl bobble-head, zombie-arm bottle opener, and a branded keychain), the Zombie Bait Edition kicks things up several notches… and not in a way that anyone would have ever voted for.

Alongside a special Steelbook edition of Dead Island Riptide, some artwork cards, and a pack of exclusive in-game weapon mods, the Zombie Bait Edition has as its center-piece a 31cm tall extremely bloody female torso dressed in a UK Union Jack bikini top and bottom.

Deep Silver explains the existence of the disgusting (not to mention distributing) statue by saying it is simply their “grotesque take on an iconic Roman marble torso sculpture”. Paul Nicholls, the company’s Sales
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