Morning Meme: Victor Garber Confirms He's Gay, Chris Kluwe On the Art of the Insult, and Colin Ferguson Goes Gay On "Happily Divorced"

At the TCAs, Greg Hernandez was chatting with Victor Garber about his new show Deception. After he queried the actor on a Wikipedia entry that said he was doing Smash, Garber responded that "Wikipedia is bullshit." After they parted ways, Hernandez recalled another Wikipedia entry saying Garber was partnered for 13 years to Rainer Andreesen. So he chased him down the hotel lobby and asked him. "I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows. He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards.” And that is how Victor Garber confirmed he was gay.

Justin Timberlake debuted his first single in a decade with Jay-z title "Suit and Tie." Frankly, it sounds like Jay-z debuted a song with Timberlake providing a falsetto chorus. Was anyone impressed with this?

Mel Brooks is considering turning Blazing Saddles into a Broadway musical. It makes sense in a lot of ways,
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