Commentary: Stanley Kramer's 1960 masterpiece 'Inherit the Wind' still relevant

Hollywood has been home to more dreamers and schemers than any other town in the world. It's also been home to its share of geniuses. But there have been damn few visionaries. To my mind, Hollywood's greatest visionary was Stanley Kramer, the writer, director and producer whose "Inherit the Wind" celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

I was lucky enough to grow up during some of Stanley's greatest years, and when I saw "Inherit" in the theater for the first time in 1960, it changed my life. I knew then that I wanted to be a lawyer. (Two years later, when I saw "Dr. No," the first James Bond movie, I decided I wanted to be a secret agent.)

I was an impressionable kid. What I learned about the evils of racism, the threat of nuclear war and the danger of religious intolerance, I learned in theaters watching Kramer movies with
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