Paramount Bringing Flight To Blu-Ray In February

Paramount has announced Robert Zemeckis’ Oscar-nominated Flight for Blu-Ray in February. The film stars Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Don Cheadle.

Director Robert Zemeckis has had his nose up the digitally-animated motion-capture world for the better part of the last decade. His last live-action film was the Tom Hanks-starring Cast Away and quite frankly it has been far too long.

Now, years later he’s returned with Flight. The film follows a pilot that miraculously lands a plane after a deadly crash. What is later revealed is the theme of addiction and just how powerful it is once it grabs a hold of you. Denzel Washington has already earned an Oscar nomination for best leading role and I’d have a hard time arguing against it, because he truly does take this film to new heights.

Zemeckis’ direction is solid, working on a not-too-shabby script, but the real winners are in the performances,
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