Clare Balding: 'I want to make the world better, for women mainly'

Clare Balding has always been a popular presenter; since the Olympics, she's positively beloved. She's broken the mould for women on TV, too, and still believes sport can change the world

Not long before Christmas, Clare Balding was leaving an awards ceremony when she was surrounded by young female journalists out hunting for diary stories. To her irritation, all asked the same questions. Firstly: "Do you worry about your work/life balance?" Secondly: "Do you worry about your image?" She tenses as she tells me this, the only time in our interview that the temperature drops a degree. "I said, 'Would you ask John Humphrys that, or Jeremy Paxman, or any other male presenter? You wouldn't. The same way women always get asked about childcare. Men never do' … I said, 'I don't want to be unkind, but really think about what you're asking me, and why you're asking it. Because
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