WWE: Cm Punk – The Pipebomb of No Return

18 months ago, Cm Punk sat cross-legged on a stage in Las Vegas and cut a scathing promo that turned him into a made man in the WWE. Cm Punk’s popularity surged, the internet wrestling community was thrown for a loop at what had just happened. Was it real? Did he plan it? Was he even allowed to be on the stage and say the things he was saying? In a sport that is vilified for being fake, he made it real by airing legitimate grievances that he had with the most successful wrestling company in the world. He put everyone on blast, name dropped wrestlers no longer with the company who shouldn’t have been let go, and said what everyone (who was tired of the wrestling product that WWE was putting out) was thinking.

Last night, he made that promo look like The Great Khali reading the phonebook.

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