Consider This Trailer For ‘Girls Against Boys’ A Warning To All A–holes

The “rape-revenge” genre has seen a resurgence as of late due to several remakes of old 70′s grindhouse films. I Spit on Your Grave and Thriller: A Cruel Picture might be two of the more notorious 70′s titles that helped popularize the genre, but there were a lot more besides those that featured revenge fueled women giving men their own form of justice (I would also suggest Ms. 45 and the forgotten 1974 film Act of Vengeance aka Rape Squad). So, even though Girls Against Boys might be loosely inspired by some of these sleazy films from back in the day, this original feature looks to bring something fresh to a genre which recently only saw older films being remade rather than anything new. Ahhh. . . the sweet smell of revenge. I honestly really dig this trailer, and I hope you guys do as well. It premiered at SXSW last year and continued
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