Jon Favreau Discusses Swingers, Iron Man, and Cowboys & Aliens


In a recent interview on stand-up comedian Marc Maron's Wtf podcast, director Jon Favreau looks back at his life, how his career got started and the films he's made. It's really a great listen, and I suggest you check it out, especially if you're a fan of Favreau and his work. There's a lot of great details revealed about his life, like how he wanted to become a fireman at one point, how he and Vince Vaughn became friends, how he put Swingers together, and a lot more great info. He also talked about the success of Iron Man and why Cowboys & Aliens wasn't as successful. I thought Cowboys & Aliens was a very fun film, but for some reason it didn't connect with audiences.

When talking about Swingers, the director explains how success can be difficult to handle, and how the pressure of following up that success can cause
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