"The Good Wife" recap: Mosquitoes and Minnesota (4.11)

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This week in the first Good Wife of 2013, we had some highs and some not-so-highs. There are never really any lows on this show, but let’s be honest; there are Alicia-and-Kalinda-hanging-out-in-a-hotel moments, and then there are not-Alicia-and-Kalinda-hanging-out-in-a-hotel moments.

We also saw the return of some notable secondary characters: Michael J. Fox is back, in a big way, as competing lawyer Louis Canning, who we learn also weirdly has a really sweet and hot wife, and Anika Noni Rose as Wendy Scott-Carr, enemy of pretty much everyone, but right now, Eli. Which in turn, ends up being pretty much everyone. Way to go, Eli!

If you’re ready for some good times, there’s also a small child with West Nile Virus and an old man dying of cancer. Wheeee!

So let’s go ahead and jump into this bowl full of cheeriness.
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