Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hollywood not to blame for gun violence

Action star and former California governor says movies and real-life massacres should be 'kept separate'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the latest Hollywood star to dismiss suggestions that violent movies are to blame for gun massacres such as the recent killing of 20 children in Connecticut.

The iconic action star, who is currently promoting his new film The Last Stand, told reporters it was important to "keep [the two] separate". He said: "[This is] entertainment and the other thing is a tragedy beyond belief. It's really serious and it's the real deal." He added: "We have to analyse how we deal with mental illness, how we deal with gun laws, how we deal with parenting."

The 65-year-old actor, for whom The Last Stand is his first lead role since the end of a seven-year stint as governor of California, said the entire situation surrounding the deaths of 20 children and six staff at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown,
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