Family Guy Review: Space Idiot

  • TVfanatic
Chris Griffin is not that smart. But he’s not a complete idiot, as the plot proved in "Space Cadet", an otherwise pedestrian episode of Family Guy.

While the half hour followed the trajectory of “person isn't as big of a failure as they or others think they are," very few of those stories wound up going to space. If any. Such a plot of the Griffins going to space would be silly, I suppose, if Peter hadn’t gone to space for a cutaway joke one time. Also, I would not describe this as a series that is grounded in reality, if we're being fair here.

Amidst the jokes was one that fell on deaf ears for me. So the show decided to make a quick little crack at the animation of Bob’s Burgers. Yeah, sitcoms on Fox’s animation block make fun of each other from time to time,
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