Meet New Girl Kimberly Friedmutter From TLC’s ‘Sin City Rules’

Kimberly is in a class all by herself. The new chick on ‘Sin City Rules’ lets into her world aboard her private yacht, ‘his and her’ private jets and into her enormous 15,000 square foot Las Vegas mega-mansion! Keep reading and get to know Kimberly!

Kimberly Friedmutter Rules Las Vegas, literally! The blonde bombshell and her architect husband Brad Friedmutter are the new stars of TLC’s Sin City Rules, and they’re taking behind the scenes and showing us how they live. We’ve got to tell you — this couple is balling out of control!

Kimberly, who hails from Texas, welcomed our cameras aboard her private yacht, quaintly named “Kimberly,” and stunned us with how charming, real, and completely down-to-earth she was.

“These are just things, this yacht and all,” she says in her sweet native Texan-accented voice. “It means nothing unless it’s shared and enjoyed with all y’all,
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