13 Comics, Graphic Novels, Plays and News Articles that were Adapted into Movies Releasing in 2013 Part One

Two thousand and twelve is over and it's on to the new year and while I'm busy preparing a list of 50 films I'm anticipating in 2013, I got to thinking it might be fun to also prepare a list of books, articles, plays, graphic novels, comics and more for you to read to prepare for the year's new films and I've come up with a total of 35 of them (give or take, considering some are based on comic book series and/or characters from novels). Today I am introducing Part One of the list, which includes the comic books, graphic novels, news articles and plays that were adapted into films while tomorrow I will feature over 25 books that were adapted into movies that will be hitting theaters this year. I have written a few words on each as well as links to purchase all of the titles available as well as
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