10 Scary Supercomputers From Movie History

It’s time for yet another of my articles about artificial life in movie and television history. This article will be the 6th article in my ongoing series featuring robots, cyborgs, and sentient computers. In the first three articles, 14 Awesome Movie Robots You’ve Forgotten, 15 More Movie Robots You’ve Probably Forgotten, and 12 Awesome Robots From TV History, we dealt only with robots. With my cyborg articles, 10 Awesome Cyborgs in Movie History and 10 Awesome Cyborgs in TV History, we moved on to cyborgs. Now, we’re looking at evil supercomputers from movie history.

For each of the articles above, I set up a few laws to restrict the size of the articles. Known as Tim’s Laws, these rules are adjusted for each article.

Tim’s First Law states that only malevolent, sentient computers can be used in this article, meaning robots and other ambulatory computers are excluded. I will,

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