Manborg DVD Review

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For those of you who are not familiar Astron-6 Video is a collective of five filmmakers who met at a short film festival and decided to pool their limited resources to create a production company that specialises in horror and comedy with their targets set on lampooning a lot of the straight to VHS dreck they enjoyed in their childhoods.

Their first feature Father’s Day has had a lot of buzz at film festivals and was released by Troma earlier this year. Their website seems to hint at a lot of films we haven’t seen so far with titles like Punch Out, Cool Guys, Gore Blade, Insanophenia and Lazer Ghosts 2. You know what Jason Eisener did with Hobo with a Shotgun that has become an aesthetic choice? Yeah they do that…all the time…..

Their second film to get a proper release of sorts is Manborg which has
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