Bruce Willis' 10 Most Terrifying Characters

Bruce Willis is a badass. That.s not even a hypothesis at this point. It.s a fact damn near universally accepted by everyone that.s not a character he.s about to beat the shit out of and turn into a true and bloody believer. Even at fifty-seven-year-old, he mows down men with the type of reckless aggression typically reserved for hungry cage fighters and high end military recruits. I.m not sure that he actually likes the sight of blood, but he sure as hell isn.t deterred by it. Over the course of his twenty-five-plus year career, Willis has painted hundreds of rooms red with the fluids of his foes, and something tells me twenty-five years from now, he.ll be sitting on a stoop with a shotgun, picking off bad guys and pleasing audiences in yet another terrifying turn on screen. Earlier this year, Willis struck
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