Fox News' Bill Hemmer on covering Newtown school shooting: 'It was brutal'

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The first tweet on Friday, Dec. 14, from Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer's @BillHemmer account read, "47 and sunny in New York, NY today. Its mid-December. Maybe the Maya are onto something."

But the next one from the co-anchor of Fnc's "America's Newsroom" read: "Update from the AP -- The superintendent's secretary says reports of a shooting are not confirmed."

After that: "Breaking: elementary school has been evacuated, situation is unclear regarding shooting. Updates on @AmericaNewsroom as we get them."

A couple of tweets later: "The story out of Newtown, Ct only gets worse. Prayers for the families. Sad day in America."

On Sunday, Dec. 16, as the nation absorbed the full impact of the mass slaying at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six school employees (the perpetrator, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, also killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, and finally himself) Hemmer tweeted this picture taken on Saturday:

"As reporters,
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