Thn’s 2012 Rundown – July and August

With Summer comes every imaginable blockbuster fighting for your money. For the past ten years comic book movies have been all the rage and 2012 was no different; throw in a few comedies and action men, snd you’ve got the perfect movie summer.


Let’s start with the most anticipated, powerful and epic movie in a very very long time. The Dark Knight Rises shook the internet with its blurry teaser trailers, rumours of villains, and revelations of a thigh high boot wearing Catwoman. The world was divided between the disappointed and those who thought Tdkr was pure perfection. Whichever camp you belonged to no one can argue the fact it is an epic film worth every penny gained at the box office.

Tobey Maguire’s suit wasn’t even cold when The Amazing Spider-man was announced. With the trailer leaving me unexcited, the reviews that followed surprised; raving over Andrew Garfield’s performance,
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