Sam Riley To Play Christopher Marlowe

Sam Riley, who is your agent? Manager? Because they should get a raise. Or maybe you are really just that good. Because in what feels like two days, the once band mate (of the Leeds-based 10,000 Things) was starring in the indie hit Control as doomed rocker Ian Curtis, then alongside Eva Green and Ryan Philippe in Franklyn and now is starring in an American action thriller (13), a British action thriller featuring Helen Mirren (Brighton Rock) and Walter SallesOn The Road playing Jack Kerouac, or Sal Paradise.

And here’s one more envy-inducing role: that of Christopher Marlowe, the successful poet who wrote alongside William Shakespeare and was killed in a bar room brawl. Marlowe was rumored to also be a spy for the queen, which the Anthony Burgess (A Clockwork Orange) novel, A Dead Man In Deptford, readily embraces. Television director Nick Copus will take on the adaptation from a script by Michael Elias.
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