Star Trek Into Darkness Full Trailer Is Finally Online

After last week's brief teaser, a nine-minute prologue in front of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and a bunch of journalists writing about their trip to Bad Robot headquarters, the official trailer for Stark Trek Into Darkness has finally, finally arrived online. You can watch it below. Unlike the teaser trailer that emphasized the action and destruction wrought by Benedict Cumerbatch's villain, this trailer starts off pretty mournful and melancholy-- until, of course, offering all the action beats for the very end anyway. And while Cumberbatch's voiceover took over the entire teaser, this new one opens with voiceover from someone else-- is it Bruce Greenwood's Captain Pike, once again trying to give Kirk some tough advice? His suggestion that Kirk is going to get everyone under his command killed some day certainly seems ominous given all the destruction we're shown later in the trailer. And not to continue all
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