AfterElton Briefs: Hugh Jackman In Motion, The Queen James Bible, and the Golden Globes ... Are A Sham?

Neil Patrick Harris attends A Snow White Christmas in Pasadena

Birthday shoutouts go to Steve Buscemi, who is 55, Jamie Foxx is 45, and NeNe Leakes is 45.Nikki Finke is no fan of the Golden Globes. "It’s a completely meaningless awards show from a scandal-riddled organization aired by a production company desperate for money on a network praying for ratings. And even though the entire entertainment industry ridicules the awards, it props them up because they’re a useful marketing tool for the studios and networks." Okay, but who didn't already know that? Yes, it's a sham, but I'll still watch ... because it's a lot of fun. In ratings news, Modern Family tied its season low, while Arrow dipped a bit in its midseason finale.If Gays Are Boycotting Straights' Weddings, It Must Be the Mayan Apocalypse When Your Favorite Childhood Films Are A Little More Homophobic Than You Remembered. Most
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