One Direction: Solo Careers Are ‘Not Even A Question’

The boys of 1D sat down with Barbara Walters as part of her annual 'Most Fascinating People' special, admitting that none of them would ever consider striking out on their own! Aww! It was an honor for the boys of One Direction to be included on Barbara Walters' annual "Most Fascinating People" list, though their inclusion was no big surprise to their fans! During the interview, which aired on Dec. 12, the boys spoke candidly about their loyalties to each other -- admitting they don't have any desire to seek out solo careers. Barbara mentioned that a lot of boy bands break up after just a handful of years, with members trying to make it on their own. She asked the boys if any of them want to try to emulate Justin Timberlake and have a solo career. They all scoffed at the idea, with Niall Horan saying, "I wouldn't do it.
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