10 Most Shocking Deaths in Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has never failed to shock and devastate viewers by routinely killing off fan favourites while the evil and manipulative characters continue on living (see Gillian for further reference there). Thankfully, sometimes even the not-so-nice characters in Boardwalk Empire get their comeuppance in a surprising or grim way. Perhaps that is what makes this show such a thrilling, compelling and enthralling experience, nobody is safe in 1920s Atlantic City.

The show has stacked up quite a body count over the first three seasons with as many main characters biting the bullet as secondary ones. This list will focus on demises we did not see coming, characters that were really likeable and central to the show’s popularity and of course the plain contemptible villains who had it coming. Here are our 10 most shocking deaths that have come in the first three seasons of the acclaimed HBO crime drama.


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