The Dark Knight Rises Over 2012: A Gif Guide

Even if "Avengers" ruled over 2012, it didn't happen without stiff competition from the Caped Crusader. The second highest-grossing film of the year and the end of an era, "The Dark Knight Rises" brought Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy to its natural conclusion. It was a full circle ending, one that, in retrospect, we should have seen coming, but didn't because of that signature Nolan-wizardry he's perfected over the years.

Relive the greatness of "The Dark Knight Rises" and its reign in 2012 with our handy Gif guide!

"Rises" kicks off with a bang — a very big, very literal bang, in the form of a plane hijacking and crash, one of the greatest sequences committed to film all year. It ends like this:

Ballsier still is that the final "Dark Knight" movie begins without a Dark Knight. It's been eight years since Bruce donned the cape and cowl, and he now
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