Ludivine Sagnier: 'I got frightened and shut down'

Sagnier had acted since infancy and was touted as 'the new Bardot'. Yet nine years ago, when her big moment came, she shunned it. The French actor talks about staying grounded, her latest film Love Crime – and why she's now finally ready for her breakthrough movie

It is a chill December day when I meet Ludivine Sagnier at her local cafe, in a grungy neck of eastern Paris. No press minders or lavish hotel suite for Ms Sagnier. I'm sitting inside, fretting that I must have the wrong venue, when I spot her through the greasy window. She has her wool hat pulled low; she's sucking on a cigarette, stamping her feet to keep warm. She might be an office worker on lunch break or a student idling between lectures. Sometimes the lack of a statement can be the most eloquent statement of all.

Nearly a decade ago, Sagnier arrived at a crossroads.
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