eXistenZ | Blu-ray Review

Even more pertinent today than it was back at its release in 1999, eXistenZ (Berlin Film Festival – Silver Berlin Bear winner) finds David Cronenberg exploring familiar thematics of humanity’s often disturbing relationship with technology. Over the course of the last decade our identities have become ever tied with our need to interact within the digital realm through social media and online video games that only continue to grow in popularity. On the cusp of the digital explosion within the mainstream consciousness, Cronenberg employs this obsessive digital escapism to jump into a nearing future where video games or biological contraptions that can transport the player to an alternative reality. Conceptually complex but blatantly fun, the feature is a counterpoint to the much more digitized and intrinsically serious film The Matrix, while operating as a throwback to its Canadian helmer’s horror roots, making full use of grotesque physical effects while continuously
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