'Homeland's' Damian Lewis: 'My biggest fear is the audience turning'

Zap2it: You have a posh British accent, which is nonexistent on "Homeland." Do you have to work hard to keep an American accent?

Damian Lewis: I wake up in an American accent, and I don't lose it until someone says "wrap!"

It is easy for me. I have played Americans so often since "Band of Brothers." I hope you don't think that's presumptuous, but I have an American skin. My accent is standard Received Pronunciation.

Zap2it: What part of England are you from?

Damian Lewis: I am a native Londoner. I went to a fancy boarding school, one of the posher schools, Eton. And I affected this mock one; I am not really that posh. It became known as "mockney" (mock Cockney), a fake accent. It was middle-class boys trying to be street.

Zap2it: "Homeland" is such a critical and audience success. Do you have any worries about the show?
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