New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire Katniss,Peeta Marriage Proposal Spoiler Revealed

New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire Katniss,Peeta marriage proposal spoiler revealed . According to, Catching Fire,Peeta Mellark,star Josh Hutcherson recently chatted up the press,and revealed an interesting spoiler teaser for the new film,involving a marriage proposal to Katniss from Peeta. Apparently, things go pretty bad for Peeta as he tries to bend down on his knee. Josh stated, "I have proposed to Katniss. It was good. Actually, funny story. When we shot it, the actual proposal itself is done where you don't hear what we're saying, so I was just saying gibberish while I was proposing to her on one knee. Actually, the very first time I went to get down on one knee my pants ripped right down the crotch. The worst thing that could happen when you're proposing to somebody is that your pants rip right down the crotch, and that's what happened to Peeta.
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