Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Elena Attacks Jeremy In Episode 9 & More

Elena attacks Jeremy in episode 9 & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease. Recently, the CW revealed this new photo from the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 9 of season 4,and it looks pretty crazy as it features vampire Elena totally attacking Jeremy with a major headlock in place. She also has a stake in her hand. Whatever this is,it looks damn interesting. This episode is called "O Come All Ye Faithful." It's going to be the last episode before their winter break. In the episode, Jeremy is going to go to the Gilbert lake house to conquer some inner demons with the help of Bonnie,but it definitely looks like things get out of control in this particular situation. Also in this episode, Stefan and Caroline are going to find themselves at odds with Tyler over his plans for Klaus and his hybrids. Klaus is going to make a
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