'Bones' recap: Even if we differ on art and humor, peanut butter helps us stick together

"The But in the Joke" had everything we need from a "Bones" episode: A gruesome murder, vastly differing opinions on important things like art and humor, personal reflection, a living person covered in body parts, glue and peanut butter...

This recap explains how that all works.

Art and science, fused together as one

What is art, really? Is it the woman who can recreate human identities out of just a few skull fragments? Is it the man who defaces billboards in creative and interesting ways? Is it the human remains accidentally adhered onto the body of another person?

Ok, so it's probably not that last one. But art was definitely an instigator when a street artist finds himself glued to the decomposing remains of a stand-up comedian.

The unfortunate young man, Seth Zalinski, is immediately transported to the Jeffersonian, where the squints determine that peanut butter is the only way
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