Weekly Poll Results: Best Actor with a Moustache

It's official... the undisputed king of the moustaches is none other than Tom Selleck. Magnum P.I. topped our Movember poll with over 30% of the votes, although whether or not that is a reflection of his acting talent or his well-coifed whiskers remains to be seen. My guess is that he has somehow just managed to become the single most iconic moustachioed man in pop culture thanks to parodies by Conan O'Brien and across the internet. In second place, we had a rare two-way tie between Burt Reynolds and Charlie Chaplin, while Sam Elliott and Groucho Marx rounded out the top 5. Pulling up the rear, Billy Dee Williams sadly came up with the short end of the 'stache. Do you agree with these results? 1. Tom Selleck -- 31.5% 2. Burt Reynolds -- 16.9% 2. Charlie Chaplin -- 16.9% 4. Sam Elliott -- 13.2% 5. Groucho Marx -- 5.6% 6. Charles Bronson -- 5.4% 7. Ron Jeremy -- 4.2% 8. Wilford Brimley -- 2.8% 9. Danny Trejo
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