Steven Spielberg And Daniel Day-Lewis Talk ‘Lincoln’

Director Steven Spielberg’s Oscar frontrunner Lincoln continues to perform well both at the box-office and with critics. The film, over a decade in the making, takes on the Herculean task of distilling Lincoln’s legacy down into a palatable couple of hours at the cinema. With an eye towards that goal, Spielberg chose to focus on the last few months of the President’s life and the work that he did in order to pass the 13th Amendment.

Spielberg and his star, Daniel Day-Lewis, were on hand to talk about the film recently, where they answered questions about how they approached demystifying this icon and bringing him to life in a way that a modern audience could relate to and appreciate.

Take a look at the transcript below.

On the inspiration for the film for both Spielberg and Day-Lewis:

Question: Mr. Spielberg, it seems ...

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